The Crunchy Goddesses
The Crunchy Goddesses

 Rachelle and Robin have been friends for over 10 years and have coached, guided and supported hundreds of people in their journey to a more natural lifestyle.  Both Mothers, they want to create a better, more sustainable world for their children and all future generations.  A future full of health, peace, happiness and prosperity.  Both ladies have a background in traditional medicine and now work in the holistic health fields.  They have underwent several rigorous training programs and classes, as well as massive amounts of self-education, trial and error and studying on their own in the world of holistic health, nutrition and lifestyle.  We are confident that you will find something here to enrich your own life, home and family and we are excited to offer and share some of the best tips, tricks, recipes and life hacks that the holistic world has to offer!  Join these modern, fun-loving crunchy hippies on their journey to changing the world: and welcome! 



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