Pumpkin Puree: Keep the seeds!

mdm pumpkin

So, like many of you – fall is my favorite time of year and I love pumpkins and all things pumpkin.  Every fall I find a day to dedicate to pumpkin madness.  So, today was that day.

I like to make all things pumpkin. Bread, pancakes, waffles, smoothies, ice cream, muffins and pumpkin-sauce.  I like to put them in mason jars or baking paper and freezer bags to stock up for the winter months.

Want to accomplish this?  Here’s what you need for the pumpkin puree:

10 pie pumpkins.  If you don’t purchase organic, I would suggest scrubbing them with castile soap before cutting and roasting them.  DO NOT REMOVE THE SEEDS!  Just simply slice in half.

A Ninja, Food Processor or Magic Bullet  (If you do not already own one of these kitchen magicians, I highly recommend investing in one.  Personally, my favorite is the ninja).

Organic ground cinnamon

Almond Milk or Coconut Milk (be sure to check the label so you’re not getting carageenan)

So, I do not remove the seeds from my pumpkins when I puree them.  Why?  Because those seeds are little nutritious goldmines and I would hate to miss the opportunity to turn my baked goods into superfoods.  Those little guys pack in: magnesium, zinc/immune system support, support for healthy eyes, bones, teeth and gut, healthy digestive function, DHA, EPA, ALA and omega 3’s, they have anti-inflammatory benefits, natural insulin regulation (anti-diabetic properties) and so many more benefits it would be nearly impossible to name them all.  In addition to that, the flesh of the pumpkin is packed full of vitamins and antioxidants, including more than 100% recommended daily amount of A and E.

Simply put your sliced pie pumpkins in glass baking dishes, fill half full with water and bake them in the oven.  There are two temperature options – 350 degrees for 2 hours or 140 degrees for 4 hours.  The benefit of baking lower and slower is to keep the pumpkin in a raw state which maintains higher benefits and nutritional value.

When the come out of the oven, allow them to cool before you begin scooping the insides out and into your food processor.  For every 2 cups of pumpkin, add 1/4 cup of your milk of choice (or purified water) and a few dashes of cinnamon to taste.  You will need to run the processor for several minutes to completely break down the pumpkin seeds so they become part of the puree.  You will know you accomplished this when your puree is smooth like applesauce and has no lumps.  For the 5-10 minutes you are blending (offering your device plenty of breaks as not to overheat it) be sure to pump up some music and dance around your kitchen like the domestic goddess you are!   …show us your moves, girl!

Store puree in mason jars or freezer bags and use them as needed to make your favorite pumpkin recipes!

Cheers & Happy Fall!



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