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An open letter to my Children

A letter to my Daughter and Son:

It’s me, Mom. I was up all night looking for healthy treat recipes for your Valentine party.  My heart is so sad that I cannot create bakery-style treats for you.  The ones you admire every time we are in the grocery store.  You love looking at the pretty decorations and bright colors of cakes, cookies and cupcakes.  I wish I could give that to you without hurting you.  I know that your treats look boring and maybe sometimes taste boring, too.

Mommy has made lots of poor choices in my life.  It has caused me to be struggling with things like hormone deficiencies, joint pain, headaches and I have been battling my weight for as long as I can remember.  If I could give you only one thing in life, I would give you the gift of never having to deal with these issues.

So, that’s what I’m doing.

Luckily I am not in a position to have to choose to only give you one thing in life.  Thankfully I am able to supply you with everything you need to live a fun, healthy and fulfilled childhood.  But your health is so very important to me.  I feel that it is my responsibility to protect you and set you up for a healthy life.  I take that job very seriously, in addition to keeping you safe and making sure you know how loved you are.

I know that sometimes you don’t understand why you can’t eat what other kids are eating, or why we can’t go to restaurants often and enjoy that experience.  I’m sure it’s sometimes frustrating that sometimes we have to take our own (plain looking) cupcakes to your friends birthday parties.  It’s got to get boring sometimes to have your lunch box with us wherever we go.  But you know what, that’s what’s best for you.  And for the most part, you know that already.  Both of you ask me before you accept food from other people if it has gluten, GMOs or if it’s organic.  You even know we watch out for parabens. You remind me that too much sugar will make you sick.  It makes me so proud.  I just hope you never feel ‘without’ the fun or cool foods.  I hope that I raise you to know that we eat to live.  That the foods we eat lay the foundation for our future lives.

I never want either one of you to come to me and tell me that you can’t conceive a baby naturally.  That you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, anxiety, or worse.  These health issues are running wild through people today and I refuse to let the two of you be one of them.  My heart would break for you if I knew you were struggling with health issues, and I would know that I should have done better.

When I was younger, and up until three years ago, I didn’t know better.  I ate whatever I wanted and sometimes it was just whatever I could afford.  But now, seeing what that has done to me and people that I love – I have to do better, because I know better.  I am so thankful that I learned the dangers of the food supply before the two of you got older.  Thankfully we began making positive changes before either of you were two.  If I could get the time back to make my pregnancy and your infancy healthy, believe me I would take it.  But I can’t.  I have stopped beating myself up for the choices I  made and just remind myself daily: When you know better, you do better.

Well, I know better.  And I’m going to teach you better, too.

I’ll always do my best to make sure you don’t feel like you are missing out.  I will make sure that on your plate you have a nice variety of fresh, organic foods that are not contaminated with chemicals, GMOs, pesticides and impurities.  I will make sure your nutritional needs are met every single day. I’ll make sure you get your occasional desserts and treats – but they will be organic too.  And sugar free. And gluten free. And paraben free. But always delicious, and hopefully someday – pretty.

I’m proud of the two of you, and I’m extremely proud of your health.  We have healed you from things like asthma, frequent illness, rashes, fussiness and behavioral issues just by changing your diet and how we care for you medically.  We overhauled our life, our bank account and our house.  Every second and penny was worth it.  Every last one.

We have scaled back our lifestyle to afford this.  Our home is smaller, our vacations are less frequent but our bodies are healthier and our quality of life is richer.  Your Dad and I promise to you that nothing we want will ever be more important than giving you the healthy and happy life that you deserve.  We make sure we have your food, vitamins and holistic healthcare covered, as well as your other needs and enrichment activities before we spend money on ourselves.

When we became parents, our primary responsibility became you.  We will always honor that.

People judge us.  Someday they might judge you too.  But the best advice I have for you is to lead by example.  They may not listen now, but someday – they might realize what you are talking about or why you do what you do.  I know for me, I don’t want to live on medications and I don’t want you too, either.  Every generation is sicker than the last.  I look at my generation and can’t imagine it being worse for you, but it would be.

I hope that when you are adults and you make your own food choices for yourself and your families, that you listen to your bodies – and always know that you are what you eat.  The quality of your food determines the quality of your life.  And I know for you, I dont want you to have a crappy life.  So I don’t feed you crappy food.

Every sacrifice is worth it to me.

I will never look back.

I love you, Love, Mom