Monthly Archives: March 2015

My journey on hormone replacement therapy.

Three months ago, I learned that at the young age of 30 – I am in something called ovarian failure and need to be on complete hormone replacement therapy because my body is barely producing enough hormones to keep me alive.

It was a long time coming.  Years and years of battling weight, anxiety, depression, OCD and emotional distress. For the most part I was able to ‘control’ it, but it would not go away.  Finally I had a breakdown and knew something was wrong.  Well, I was right.

The last three months have been extremely hard for me.  Learning of this diagnosis and knowing that the years and years of unhealthy eating, chemical exposure, parabens, metal toxicity and more are not able to be easily reversed.  I was told that I will need to be on these hormones for the rest of my life.  More than the emotional distress, there is a lot of physical distress to beginning hormones.  I have been on emotional rollercoasters, questioning who I am, I have gained an acne problem, dry hair and I have gained 32 pounds in 90 days.

I am on bio-identical hormones which is the best route for this situation.

Because I listen to my body, and I listen to my intuition, I just have a feeling that I can heal myself from this.  I deserve to be healed from this.  I eat and live extremely healthy and I know that I deserve to be at a healthy weight for the first time in my life.  I do not want to be on hormone replacements for more than half of my life.

So, today is day one of this journey.  I am going to trust myself to know what I need and I will journal it along the way.

Here we go!