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My statement on ingesting essential oils

I have written this so many times in all of the groups I am a part of, that I figured it would be easier to blog it and link it later.  Here is my official statement on ingesting essential oils.


The term therapeutic grade provides marketing weight rather than signifying that the oils meet a regulated quality standard. The term FOOD GRADE is not even regulated or backed by ANY agency, holistic or western.

Adverse effects to ingesting oils are not seen immediately. Your body cannot break them down, a buildup can cause burning through your organs. It can also, depending on the oil, cause disruption in gut flora causing lots of digestion related issues, and issues related to the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

The advice discrepancy between those selling the popular brands of essential oils and practitioners should raise a red flag. No Certified Aromatherapist would EVER suggest ingesting oils unless the benefits outweigh the risks and in the case of ingesting oils, there is an exact dosage and dilution that is used and not normally more than three singular doses TOTAL. The formula takes into consideration the overall health of the patient, their body weight and any medicines or supplements they are taking.

I fear for the people who use oils internally on a regular basis, even those using lemon eo in their water.

The Alliance of International Aromatherapists states: “AIA does not endorse internal therapeutic use (oral, vaginal or rectal) of essential oils unless recommended by a health care practitioner trained at an appropriate clinical level. An appropriate level of training must include chemistry, anatomy, diagnostics, physiology, formulation guidelines and safety issues regarding each specific internal route (oral, vaginal or rectal). Please refer to the AIA Safety Guidelines for essential oil use.”

Remember that even though natural medicine comes from foods, plants, and the earth – it is still dangerous if over-used, mis-used or used without taking into consideration any adverse reactions that could occur. Please do your research, and by research I mean to talk to people OTHER than the people who sell oils.

The MLM companies are just a big game of telephone. In fact, even though I believe the quality of the oils made by Young Living and DoTERRA, I refuse to use them just because of the dangerous advice promoted. I stick with Plant Therapy.