Here at Crunchy Goddess, we promote alternative parenting styles.  Peaceful parenting, mindful parenting, unschooling/homschooling, etc.  We will be sharing our experiences here with you, as well as helpful tips & tricks for you and your families.  Welcome!

I am a Mom of 4.  I have two children of my own, and two step daughters who are just like my own kids but don’t live with us full time.  I practice attachment parenting, peaceful parenting and I am working on mastering conscious parenting.  I am homeschooling my two children with an unschooling focus.  My kids eat 100% organic, non-gmo, gluten free, soy free, fluoride free and they are mostly dairy free as well.  They are very smart, beautiful and wonderful little people with personalities that are larger than life.  They are the most precious people in my world and I feel so blessed and thankful that I am given this honor of parenting them.  We have rough days sometimes, there are nights that I feel like my day of being a Mom was a complete fail and I can’t wait to fall asleep so the next day can be a fresh start.  Even more than those days, there are days where I am in awe with how precious they are.  How amazing it is to experience them learning about life.  Learning, growing, being.  Their tiny little lives are so amazing and incredible and the experience of witnessing it is epic.  Being a Mother is the most awesome, incredible and rewarding experience that I will ever have.  I am working every day to become a better Mother, better friend and better partner to them in this journey.  I want to inspire them to be their own person, to step outside the box – be different.  Think for themselves.  I don’t want them to live lives governed by alarm clocks and checkbooks.  I want them to be free.  It’s a scary world to raise a child, and that’s one of the many reasons why I am out to change the world!

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