SUGAR! (and massive amounts of it)

Most parents who are trying to feed their kids a “healthy diet” have no idea how much sugar their child is actually consuming on a daily basis.  Because our food supply is saturated with added sugar a peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat bread, a cup of applesauce, and fruit punch, has a whopping 76 grams of sugar/ 16 teaspoons of sugar!!!, and that’s just from his/her lunch. Crazy right?
Me being a “crunchy parent” never even thought to look at our sugar consumption because we eat organically and I just assumed that everything is healthy in moderation. But then I came across the documentary Fed Up. So I started looking at the sugar content in what we were eating and was astounded as to how much sugar we were all consuming.
There is added sugar in everything!, pasta sauce, bacon,sausage, granola bars, yogurt….The list is endless. So from that point on I committed to a sugar free household. And you know what after 30 days my energy levels increased, my cravings stopped, I slept better, and I noticed that I was much more effective in my workouts, my brain functioned better, it was just astounding how much better I felt.
We still do eat sugar but we get our “sugar fix” from berries and natural sugars like dates, pure maple syrup and raw honey and those we have in limited quantities.We have actually detoxed from sugar and now our taste buds have totally changed. When your accustomed to always getting sugar then that’s what your body responds too, but once you detox from that then your taste buds have the ability to  pick up on the the slightest hint of sweetness, and you realize that all food actually tastes better, and your “sweet tooth” suddenly doesn’t require so much sweetness.
So please join in on our sugar free household, WE at the crunchy goddess are hosting a 10 day sugar free challenge – keep your eyes out for the details and signup link! FREE COACHING!

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