A Thank You that changed my life!

If you have not read my post about my Son who was diagnosed legally blind in infancy, you may want to begin: Here

From speaking out, I have found a few people to share my story with.  This email that I received a few months ago was life changing and has been the inspiration for me to keep going – and keep reaching out.  Read on to see how this woman helped her blind grandson to SEE AGAIN.

“Hi Robin,

I thought I’d give you an update on our new, adopted grandson, ****. You probably remember our exchange in February about cranio-sacral therapy for children like your son, whose optic nerves didn’t develop properly.
Our daughter and son-in-law got little **** almost two months ago now, and found that he can see fairly well with his right eye, but hardly anything with the left one. The left eye wanders, and the brain had pretty much shut it off. They were told to do patching, to strengthen the muscles in the left eye, but he was groping along (not complaining, sweet little guy) when having the patch on his good eye. And of course, glasses won’t fix the problem, as it is the nerves that aren’t developed that cause the vision to be so poor.
When they were here at Easter my husband found a ridge down the middle of his head, going towards the back. I googled ‘suture ridge’, and the only good reason for it is bony plates that have jammed one over the top of the other, and of course, the only recommendation all of them had was surgery.
Now they’ve found somebody in their town (Leamington, Ontario) who is a chiropractor, but he also has been doing cranio-sacral therapy for the past five years, and has been treating people with suture ridges (even though never a small child before).
**** has had five adjustments so far (three times a week, and he adjusts his spine, too, and gives them a deal out of compassion of only charging $12.00 a treatment),and wouldn’t you know, he has just started tracking things with BOTH eyes together! I don’t believe he has been patching long enough for that result yet, I am positive it is the adjustments.
So, now instead of a blind grandson, we might end up having one with perfect vision! I cry with joy every time I think of sweet little ****.
I am attaching a picture of his family. My daughter is almost 34, her Husband is 36, Daughter will be 8 next month, Daughter will be 7 in July, Daughter will be 4 next month, and **** will be 2 next month.
Thank you so much for the information you posted on the forum, and for the advice you gave me personally. Without you we would never have known what to do!
Take care,
******** “



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