The easiest DIY hair conditioner – ever

Every morning before I get into the shower, I fill a glass bottle 3/4 full of hot water, add a glob of coconut oil and a few drops of essential oils and shake it all up.

Once I “wash” my hair – I dump my mixture (all melted, of course) on my hair, work it in, and rinse with very warm water.

My hair is incredibly soft, healthier than ever before – and always looks and smells CLEAN!  I will never go back.

So, “washing” my hair.  I just use a tiny drop of Dr Bronners Castile Soap on my roots, let it bubble up and rinse.  That’s all! 🙂

Easy.  No more dropping serious coin on rescue remedies for your locks.  You’re welcome.


(Do anticipate a 2 week detox period before your hair goes from awful to awesome)



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