How to beat and survive SICK SEASON

Sick Season is right around the corner.  Does anyone know why we even have a sick season?  The answer is quite simple and probably not what you would have guessed.

Colder temperatures mean less natural vitamin D from the sun.  We spend more time indoors and easily become deficient in this essential nutrient to a properly functioning immune system.  Everyone knows that vitamin C is good for immunity, but D is even more important and a majority of people don’t know that. Vitamin D supplements are tricky.  You need a good one with K for absorption, and most of the ones on the market are full of harmful additives and the D never even gets absorbed into your body.   Another reason is the way we eat.  In the off-season, fruits and vegetables cost more and are not as readily available as they are in the spring and summer months.  This means even more nutrition deficiencies.  Most people consume much more sugar and starchy foods during these times, especially because of the holidays – leading to suppressed immunity and inflammation.  All of these factors play into what we call Cold & Flu “Season”.

There are essential vitamins that you need to supplement yourself with during these times.  Those are: Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Probiotics.  In addition, I like to recommend a great greens powder or multi-vitamin to catch any other areas that are often overlooked.

So, when illness strikes – there are tons of ways to treat them at home without ever having to step foot into a Doctor’s Office.  When you go to the Doctor, you not only spend money on co-pays and RX’s, but you risk catching more germs than you started off with.  Think about it, you’re walking into a place where sick people are in and out of all day, with a compromised immune system.  Worse than that, most of them will just push antibiotics which make everything worse in most cases.

I’m so glad you’re here, so we can help.

Here is everything that you need to stock your medicine cabinet with to be well armed to fight off this germ-fest that we know as “Sick Season”.

Do your research.  Learn how to use these remedies and what they treat.  The links provided below are of brands that we know and trust with our own families.

The total investment to stock your home with these items is around $200.  It seems like a lot of money, but the reality is, that not being prepared will end up costing you more money.  In order for natural remedies to work, they need to be started immediately at the onset of illness.  That means that you do not always have time to be trekking around to all of the health food stores in town, searching for them – when all of a sudden someone is ill in your home.  If you cannot begin these at onset, you will most likely end up needing a Doctor to help if your body doesn’t heal itself.  So, with that being said – be prepared.  Think of it as paying for these things instead of the pricy medical bills that would otherwise follow – and remember that you cannot put a price on health.  It’s so important to have these things on hand for when illness strikes.  If you treat a sniffle, chances are that it will  not progress beyond that!  If I had to pick the two most important rescue remedies, I would choose elderberry syrup and monolaurin. 

Colloidal Silver 250ppm

CS Soap 

Elderberry Syrup – though we recommend making your own since the store bought kinds are mass-produced, less effective and often contain additives like GMOs and sugar (which suppresses the immune system, so counter-productive, right?)

or Elderberries and Honey to make your own (Find the recipe here)



Echinacea and GoldenSeal Blend

Thieves Blend

Bone Broth – Check out this recipe to make your own

Belladonna 30c

Ear Oil 

I wish wellness and health upon each and every  member of your family!  These items will surely help, especially when paired with a healthy and organic diet full of vitamins and nutrients.  If you need help and advice on when and how to use these items, be sure to contact us.  



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