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Amy & Brian Naturals: Coconut Juice with Lime

I’m so nuts over this coconut juice!

You put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up…..
sing along with me, you know you want to!
In my house, we are coconut crazy.  We use coconut oil for absolutely everything and it is so nutritious, and aside from water – coconut juice is all we drink!  I recently tried Amy & Brian’s Coconut Juice with Lime and I am totally hooked!  This refreshing juice tastes just like limeade and my whole family loves it.  I poured my first glass today and shared it with my kids – who drank it gone and asked for more!  I just placed an order to stock up our pantry.


What’s so awesome about coconut juice (or coconut water) you wonder?  I am so excited to tell you.  This potassium rich treat is so crisp and refreshing, full of nutritious benefits and a total miracle drink. It’s packed full of electrolytes and so much better for you (and your littles!) than traditional, sugar-packed juice drinks.
I am so pleased that Amy & Brian Naturals confirms that their product is grown and produced free of GMOs and pesticides.  This is very important to my family!  They also use a method called flash-pasteurization which is the best way to go, maintaining all of the nutritious benefits for us!  I also love supporting small family businesses, such as this.  I am so excited about this product and I wont think twice about offering this wonderful drink to my children!  They loved it as much as I did.
In addition to the Lime flavor, Amy & Brian Naturals offers a traditional flavor and one with pulp.  You are sure to find one that your family loves!  One can is enough to give both of my children a beneficial serving!
Check out the FAQ directly from the source, here:
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(and if you now have that song stuck in  your head, you can listen here… you’re welcome!)
Bottoms up!  Cheers!