Mom Hacks


So, you’ve all heard of Life Hacks, right??  Well, here are your Mom Hacks.  Because being a Mom is hard enough!

Dinner for Breakfast??  Well, not exactly.  Chances are, you prepare some sort of breakfast on a daily basis for your family.  If you are anything like me, you cook and serve breakfast for a house full of people but don’t eat any of it!  So, you can prepare dinner and breakfast at the same time, and finish it up while everyone else eats!  You can use the same pans, and have all of your dinner dishes done before dinner time!  Just prepare everything, put it in a dish in the fridge and don’t forget to stick it on the stove or in the oven to cook.  Easy way to get an awesome jump start on your day.

Activity Bins  Put together some small bins full of activities that you can pull out during times when you  just need a few minutes to finish something up but your kids’ toys aren’t keeping them busy anymore.  Don’t overuse these unless you have a huge selection so they don’t lose their clout!

Call your kid!  Ever notice your kids don’t need your attention until you get on the phone?  Well if they are ignoring you, give them a “phone” (which of course can be anything they can hold up to their ear and pretend with) and call them.  I have tried this.  It works.

Find the treasure!  Need your kids to clean up their mess??  Hide 1 treasure per kid that you have beneath the chaotic mess and tell them to find the treasure!  Cleaning becomes a game!


……A video of Mom Hacks will be released in September!  Be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter to be the first to get a link!



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