Women of the world: Unite!

I dream of living in a world where women love and accept each other with open arms.  No judgement, no comparison.  Where we are free to be vulnerable and to share the trials and successes of every day life without fear of judgement or criticism.  I wish we could be real with one another, support each other – learn from each other.  Being a woman is not a contest.  It’s not a game.  It’s a journey – it’s our lives.  If there were less judgement and comparison there would be less feeling of failure, less feeling of depression.  If everyone knew that all marriages struggle and one point or another, that no mother goes to sleep every night knowing she made all of the right choices.  If we knew that all of us have imperfections and flaws, that we all feel lonely or sad at one point or another – that we all need a shoulder to cry on from time to time.  I dream to live in a world where women don’t feel that they need to tuck, conceal, push up, plump or paint their faces and bodies before leaving the comfort of their own home.  A world where natural is beautiful.  A world of acceptance, encouragement.  It would be amazing.  This blog is a place where you will get my raw life.  There will be no hiding, fabricating.  Life is hard, and sometimes hearing it from someone else makes it feel okay for you too.  The more we all speak out about what is real, the better chance we have for changing the world for our daughters and the women of the future.  Self esteem troubles aren’t just about appearance.  It’s very present in motherhood.  We are all on different journeys with our parenting, and we are all in different places.  No one is better than another, no one is right or wrong.  Everyone is free to be where they are (as long as they are not hurting their children, of course) and should feel without judgement.  I was once taught that when you judge someone, you immediately lose the ability to influence them.  How can we learn from each other if we are always judging?  I challenge you this:

Embrace Women.  Trust them.  Believe that they are in the right place at the right time.  Know that just because something is right for you and your family, it’s not always right for them and theirs.  Every Mother has the right to close her eyes and just listen to the voice within her.  As long as she is doing what she believes is right, she is doing the best she can – and that’s the right thing.   Ladies, stop comparing yourselves.  You’re amazing.  If you want to learn and grow, that makes you even more amazing.  Know that others have something to offer you, and you have equally as much to offer them.  We are all unique and beautiful.  Let’s share our real selves with one another, and grow.  Love.  Support.

I believe that sharing your smile with strangers brightens their day.  I guarantee you that genuine people notice your smile instead of whatever handbag you have draped from your body.

Women of the world: Unite!



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